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by alexthefool
很多時用電腦都|有一些很少的需要,但現今世代甚麼都要多功能甚麼都要大的情況下,再怎麼升級硬件都沒有用,電腦還是一樣的慢。總覺得 yahoo wedget、google destop gadgets、vista / 7 gadget 是一個很好的趨勢。有幾個功能以前是靠 yahoo wedget 的,早陣子洗機後沒有再裝了,因為 wedget 體積雖少,但控制 wedgets 的程式可不小吃。上網找獨立小程式,發現了幾個不錯的小程式:

post-it 程式。呵~ 我可實在太需了!一般實體 post-it 總浸死了在大量的紙下,跟本不能 remind 甚麼,重見天日之時亦是已過死線之日。這軟件我最喜歡它支援網絡傳送,而在要傳一兩句說話,或一條 link 之類的資料給太太時,簡單一按,post-it 即在太太的桌面上出現!bravo!另一好用功能還有定時出現,在一般情況下 post-it |一直|隱藏直至所設定的時間才出現......這不就是「reminder」的精神嗎?長存桌面朝夕相對其實很易忽略的。其實,對身邊的人不也是一樣嗎?

很簡單的軟件。就是用來 eject 及 close 光碟機。喜歡他因為他的精神,直 quote 如下:

[quote]While surveying shareware archives and download sites, you would find various programs with little functionality, but that still require a lot of disk space. Furthermore, some of these programs require you to also pay a registration fee.

For example, we found a program on a few sites that opens and closes the CD-drive door, but the file size is very large in comparison with the program's functionality. Also, it was necessary to pay a $10 registration fee. After thinking about this, we created a prototype of such a program.

As a result of our work you can try out our program HiCDEject. The HiCDEject application was designed to be a small tool that helps control your CD-drive"s door with one click of your mouse. The total size of this program is only 9 KB. Also, we are glad to offer it to you for FREE.[/quote]


Wallpaper slideshow LT
定時換 wallpaper,最好的地方是 dual mon 的兩個 mon 可用不同解像度的 wallpaper。這功能不易找哦。話說回來,雙屏真的很正!建議任何有雙輸出顯示咭(這年代誰沒有?)的人一定要使用,一百幾十買二手 mon 也要一試,保證一用難忘。
Sunday, November 1, 2009, 07:44 AM
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